Hayley’s Bake Shop (est May 2013)

Hayley’s Bake Shop was born from the idea of being able to raise money to help pay for my on-going Lacrosse expenses. I currently play Lacrosse on my high school’s varsity team but also try to participate in as many off season Lacrosse activities as I can afford. But since just about anything you do in sports these days comes with a price, I needed a way to help my parents out with these expenses.

So I decided to commit myself to finding a way to raise money for not only Lacrosse but other things that I might want to do. Most people seriously involved in any type of sport will tell you that it isn’t easy to keep involved in that sport and enjoy a normal life of being a teenager. Not only does it take up most of your spare time during the season but in order to stay in shape and continue to be a leader and top contender in the sport, you have to be involved during the off season. And in order to do that you have to figure out a way of making money.

Since time is a big factor, I have come to realize that I probably wouldn’t be able to go out and get a “regular” job over the summer, so after talking to my parents I have struck out on my own (well with some help obviously) with this business in hopes that it will fill the needs of not only paying for my Lacrosse expenses but also to ultimately put some spending money in my pocket as well. 🙂

So how did I decide on a baking website? Well, I found that I had a passion for baking. Ask any of my numerous classmates that had the pleasure of tasting my breadsticks! And more recently, my cookies. So after talking to my parents and getting their approval, I began testing different cookies recipes. These aren’t just any cookies but rather large gourmet cookies. I have tried these recipes several times in order to ensure that I get them just right! Once I perfect the recipe then I will offer it on my site. So far I have three different types of cookies that I am starting with; my chocolate chip “crack” cookies, peanut butter lover cookies and snickerdoodles. But if this endeavor is a success then I will continue to expand my offerings. And who knows, maybe I’ll also start offering my famous breadsticks as well!